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Meet the Board

Lucas, Camila, & Chris

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Lucas Clavijo

Lucas is the founder of TAPO. He serves as the Secretary of the organization, and he oversees the Publicity Department

Ever since I can remember, music has always been a very influential part of my life. I began playing piano around the age of 5, I picked up the violin before the first grade, and I have played the drum set since middle school. I remember when I was little, someone asked me what my favorite bands were, and I responded with, "Either Alt-J or The Smiths." That person was pleasantly surprised by my response, as he or she was not expecting me to listen to that type of music. That’s why I love talking about music; it has a connective ability that has helped introduce me to many different people that I would not have met otherwise. Currently, I produce music and I DJ, and I always seek to converse about music whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Admittedly, some my friends have become somewhat annoyed about how much I care for this art form, but they are always open to a new song recommendation or a new artist to look out for. Music brings people together, and I founded this organization with the intent to do just that.

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Camila Clavijo

Camila is the President of TAPO. 

I’m studying political science and international affairs at Northeastern University. I’m currently working as an intern for ActBlue and I’m part of several organizations on campus, like our Latin American Student Association, the Northeastern Political Review, and our school’s environmental action team. Education is very important to me and it’s especially important that all students have access to resources to make their dreams become a reality. I’m excited to start work on this nonprofit organization and help as many students as we possibly can!

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Christopher Wolff

Chris is the Treasurer of TAPO. He oversees the Events Department.

I’ve been involved with music from a very young age, and being in that industry there’s one sentence I hear a lot. “You’re either born musical, or you’re not.” I don’t believe that’s true. Music is a talent that is meant to be developed, and that’s exactly what I, among many others did. Either way, whether you consider yourself musical or not, it is undeniable that music makes a significant impact on many people’s lives, including mine. When I was six years old, my mom made me try out musical theater, and I fell in love with it. I got to interact with both adults and children my age in ways I never thought possible. Adults treated me like a professional despite my age. It was a very valuable experience that I’ll never forget. My point is, this gap created by this difference in age was bridged by one thing: music. Music creates community, and I want to help others experience this sense of community. This power is invaluable, and this is why I will never stop loving music, and it will always have a place in both my life and my heart.


Our Team

Publicity & Events


The Publicity Department is split into two main branches: Media and Design and Technology. Publicity oversees all areas of technology, social media, communication, and outreach. This department is the voice of TAPO, focusing on connecting our community with different types of music and bringing the latest information to you through its various social media platforms. 

Dean Toumajian

Dean is currently serving as the 2020 Director of Publicity. He oversees the Media and Design and Tech branches

Surya Ramakrishna

Surya is currently serving as the 2020 Head of Technology. He manages the website and intra-departmental communication

Herbert Mendoza

Herbert is currently serving as the TAPO album reviewer. He writes the biweekly album reviews for the Instagram.


The Events Department organizes all TAPO events and fundraisers. This department manages logistics, scheduling, and speaker invites. They ensure efficiency is met for each event, and they skillfully address all associated technicalities. From undertaking our agenda to formulating activity blocks, Events is the central organ of The Aux Project.Org.

Aidan Cisneros

Aidan is currently serving as the 2020 Director of Events. He oversees the department and helps organize TAPO events

Matthew Mekha

Matthew is currently serving as the 2020 Head of Logistics. He contacts speakers, finds venues, and reviews event agendas.

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