Application for 2020

Status: Closed

Welcome to the 2020 Scholarship Application



High School Students

First Year Undergraduate Students 

Extracurricular Activities*

In the box below, please list out any high school, university-sponsored, or community sponsored activities that you have participated in for the past three years. Applicants should include the time frame in which they participated in their activities, any positions held within the activity, and what they did involving the activity

Leisures, Hobbies, Interests*

In the box below, please list out any leisures, hobbies, or interests that you currently partake in outside of school.

Essay Prompt*

Please choose one of the questions to respond to (350 words minimum; 500 maximum).

Prompt 1:

Why did you initially choose to produce music and how has it impacted your life since you have started?

Prompt 2:

To what extent do you want to take your music production abilities in the future, and how would you describe your particular production style?


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